The Bulgarian – Ukrainian Economic Chamber (BUEC) was set up in 2003 as an association with non-economic purpose. Our main object is to stimulate the development of contacts between Bulgarian and Ukrainian organizations in the field of economy and tourism, rendering a permanent practical assistance in realization of joint projects and solving problems appearing in consequence of joint activity, supporting the scientific, cultural and educational exchange between both countries.

The Chamber works in close association with the Bulgarian Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine, the General Consulate of Ukraine in Varna, Bulgaria, trade partners in Bulgaria and Ukraine, local Chambers of commerce.

The BUEC board is composed of members from Bulgaria and Ukraine who have extensive personal contacts in government and business circles in both countries and we are therefore ideally placed to help member companies achieve their business aims. BUEC is open to any Bulgarian and Ukrainian company or individual to enjoy the benefits of membership. All information about joining the Chamber is available from its offices in Bulgaria.