Company ANG ECO LIDER LLC, Ukraine, Odessa is a reliable supplier of metal-roll, products for heavy industry and shipbuilding branch, also foodstuff products.

Product range includes:

Rolled steel products: steel roll and sheet steel, various types of wire, circles, sheets, pipes, channels, angles, shapes, rails, fittings.

Equipment and spare parts: port equipment, container and specialized cranes, spare parts and accessories for them, lifting equipment, equipment for transporting cargos, equipment for metallurgical industry (various types of induction melting furnaces, grinding and polishing equipment, forming rolls, special tools).

Welding electrodes: for welding high-alloy steels, electrodes for welding and other products of this type. The company guarantee the quality of goods, sealed vacuum packaging for safe transportation, reasonable prices, and high-quality service.

Hempel coatings: anticorrosive and antifouling coatings, paints for the underwater part of the hull, ballast tanks, cargo holds, cargo tankers, for decks, foundation, and superstructure on the ship, for the internal surfaces of containers, for drinking water, fire retardant paints.

Foodstuff products: grains, bottled water, juices, baby food, beverages, sunflower oil, frozen meat, sauces, spices, cereals, milk products, confectionery, flour.

    ANG ECO LIDER LLC is looking for partners for the realization of products on the Bulgarian market.


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