BUEC encourages its Members to visit the website regularly to obtain information about the Chamber and its activities. As the website can be accessed from all around the world the Chamber makes every effort to keep it up-to-date with the latest releases of information. In addition, members can obtain copies of most of the Chamber’s publications through the website, including information on events, membership application forms, the weekly newsletter, and much more.

The website has been designed so that it is easy to use, navigate and access. The website was launched in 2003 to provide online services to Member companies and any other companies which wish to use it. The Chamber’s policy on access to the website is to provide, as far as possible, a free resource to all companies which wish to invest in Bulgaria or Ukraine.

Our website is aimed at companies and individuals interested in doing business with Bulgaria and Ukraine.


We will consider advertisements from companies and individuals who wish to promote their goods and services through the Chamber’s various media but we always reserve the right to refuse to publish or print an advertisement. We will not consider advertisements which are illegal.